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Hysteria 51

Hard like morning wood, yet he keeps the ladies moist like a baked good. Creepy like a spida, he's your modern day pariah.


Sweet venom spews off her callus tongue like that of a rabid butterfly. The Vixen of the South. Just keep your distance when she starts foaming at the mouth.

DJ Yosamite

Don't knock the Disc Jock who's sleazier than Bangkok. Serving vinyl on plates, yet he's banned in 39 states.

Who Are We?

A band of degenerate “party-rappers,” seducing crowds with an off-shoot brand of power-ballads and sing-a-longs. It sounds like People Under the Stairs battling Gary Busey in a UFC style cage fight, with additional combatants Kool Keith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, and The Beach Boys (Surf-Hop?), in for the tussle. We’ve performed with fellow hip-hop deviants Blowfly, MC Frontalot, and Astronautalis. Rocked with the punks from the Riverboat Gamblers and the Ape-Shits. And warmed up the stage for “The World’s Funny Man,” Neil Hamburger. So sit back, relax, take off your pants and enjoy the schizophrenic ride. We are The Triggermen.